Wednesday, 18 May 2011

'From The Heart' - For Artmama - Sign Ups Open

Many of you will know from your journeys on our train we have a very dear and sweet lady called Artmama
who is currently in hospital after having one of her seizures.
She was placed into an induced coma due to swelling of the brain.
Artmama is now out of the coma and thankfully on the road to recovery.
Doctors have informed the family that it will be a slow process that can take up to a year.
But she is getting better none the less even if she can not as yet communicate with her family.
Raps of
UpYourArt and the UYA CT Team wanted to do something to show Mama how much
she is loved and missed and decided on a blog train titled 'From The Heart'.
So that is the title for our next train.
If you need inspiration for you part then feel free to take a look around Artmama's blog.
Artmama is a Gemini, an absolute mermaid fanatic and loves the emo style with tattoos and piercings.
Hence our colour scheme for the next train LOL

As always you can create anything you like but for this train I would like it all to remain as freebies.
Nothing to be added into a store or for sale on your blog.
I hope you understand and will still take part in helping us show this wonderful lady how we all feel about her.


You can make anything you like in full or tagger size but please be
sure to let your visitors know what size your item is.

Don't forget to send your previews to the group so I can
add them to the slide show but

please remember
include the link to your blog
as well as your preview.

Everyone will have until Midnight UK time on the 11th to send me their links.
Any links sent to me after this time will not be included.
No-one is allowed to Post their part early.
If you will not be around to post your part of the train
please use the post Scheduler.

Full train instructions can be found here

If you would like to hop aboard please join

You can find instructions on how to use the scheduler here just follow steps 1-4
Blog train goes live on the 15th at 12am UK London Time.
Please use this converter for your time.

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