Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Wedding theme - 1st July

I would like to welcome everyone to the BNB Blog train.

Thank you for making the June one a success :O)

I have now changed over the blog layout ready for the next train on 1st July.
Also I have made a new blinkie. Nothing much I'm afraid because I absolutely suck at making them LOL
All you need do is copy the code below the blinkie and add it to your blog.
Providing you use my code you will never have to change the blinkie again as I can do it on my end :O)
OK as you can probably tell the theme for July is 'Weddings'

To sign up all you need to do is pop along, join the group and be ready :O)


You can make anything you like full or tagger size but please be sure to let your visitors know what size your item is.
You are welcome to show your previews in the group but please remember that when I request the links on the 25th you will need to resend your preview with your link so I know you are ready to go.
Everyone will have until Midnight UK time on the 28th to send me their links.
Any links sent to me after this time will not be included.
No-one is allowed to Post their part early.
If you will not be around to post your part of the train please use the post SCheduler.
You can find instructions on how to use the scheduler here just follow steps 1-4
Any questions please feel free to ask.
The only silly question is the one that's never asked :O)


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